The longest city name translated to Chinese as two characters only

China has a history of more than 5,000 years. Such a long history is also one of the few in the world, and the medieval civilization has become more and more embarrassed under the washing of this time. With the rapid development of China over the years, it has gained a certain reputation in the world. Chinese culture has also been recognized by other countries in the world. Many foreign friends have seen the charm of China and have come to China for learning.

At present, Chinese has become the most populous language in the world. It is enough to see the charm of Chinese. I believe that it will take a long time for the lyrics to write “The world is talking about Chinese,” so how big is Chinese? What about the charm? There is an example to prove that the name of the capital of a country in the world is too long. It may be difficult to read it. The result is translated into two words by Chinese. You say it is not very powerful.

It may be no stranger to everyone in Thailand. This is a very popular tourist country. Every year, many tourists come to travel, especially Chinese, who like to go to Thailand. We all know that the capital of Thailand is Bangkok, but in Thai, the name of Bangkok is not so simple, it is 41 words, it is terrible, and it is called the longest place name in the world.

Speaking of this, I would like to talk about too much money for more than 400 years. At that time, Rama I established a new capital city. In order to commemorate his great achievements, he named it “Total Taiwan, Maha Kun, abandoning him, Wow Dichia, by him. Yamaha, Lupu, Ou, Spicy, Tanah, Lilong, Udon, Palatine, Maha, and Satan, not only do we feel trouble, but even Thai people feel that it is not easy to read, so it is simply referred to as “Total Taiwan”. Meaning is the sacred land.

Later, when the Chinese arrived in Thailand, they felt that the name was not good. They translated it in Chinese and changed it to “Bangkok”. But at that time, only the Chinese called it until English became popular in the world. People tried to translate the name of the capital of Thailand in English. The result was more than 170 words, which was too much trouble. Later, the Western countries replaced it with Bangkok. Later, the Thais gradually accepted the name “Bangkok” and have been using it until now.


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