Since its establishment in 2005, EN-SC has been working merely on a single language pair: English to Simplified Chinese. Besides its own clients like SAP, EN-SC has also co-operated with several global MLV to provide its premium translation & localization services to thousands of clients throughout the world. EN-SC supports almost all of the mainstraim CAT tools, both online and offline, and handles the full range of industries and areas, including IT, medical, chemical, mechanics, manufacturing, agriculture, travel, and many others.

Why EN-SC?

3000+ Chinese native translators

A robust team of well trained Chinese native translators are behind EN-SC helping to deliver good translation results

15 years of rich experiences

We've been providing translation & localization services to thousands of clients in various industries since 2005

5-star grade translation quality

Perfect quality comes from professional PM, strict TEP process, native translators and area content experts

1-stop localization services

We provide everything you need in the process of localization: TEP, DTP, voiceover, scripting, transcreation, testing...

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