Quality Policy

Which quality level should I use?

The difficulty of the content will decide which tier that content is ordered at.






Everyday use

Email Letter Internal communication General translation


Dynamic, online

Product descriptions User-generated content Social media posts Video captions



Presentations Articles Reports


Market-entry app/web localization

App descriptions App/Website UI strings


Media publishing

Guides Articles Static web copy


Contact us to discuss with our sales team.The difficulty of the content will decide which tier that content is ordered at.


What we are good at?

Here’s what you can expect from En-SC:

· Translations with a human voice

· Quick results, usually within 24 hours

· Metrics-based assessment of translation quality

· If we are not right for you, we’ll say so and point you to a solution that is


What we don’t support

We do not offer translation for the following types of content:

· Safety-critical texts or material where human life may be at risk in case of error


How are the quality levels different?





Recommended content

Casual, Dynamic


What you get

Largely accurate translation with a human voice by a translator who passed our quick trans test

Translation for professional use with an even higher accuracy level by a translator who passed our more rigorous, TEP test

En-SC quality score

The scores represent our error tolerance




Approvals & rejections

All customers have the opportunity to review translations before approving them. If a translation is not reviewed by the customer within 120 hours, the translation will be automatically approved. If you feel that there are quality issues with the translation, you can request corrections from the translator. If there are severe problems with the job, you have the option of rejecting it and requesting a full refund or passing the job to another En-SC translator, for free. A rejection request is approved if we find that the job does not meet En-SC quality standards.


Unsupported content

If you submit content that is not supported by En-SC, you lose your right to rejection or corrections. En-SC does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any material translated through En-SC.com. View our legal terms and conditions for more information.



Our translators may flag jobs that appear to be too specialist for . You’ll receive an email letting you know that a translator has found a problem with your job, and an invitation to review the issue or provide more information to help. Translators also flag jobs that appear to have an incorrect word count or have other problems that prevent translation.


En-SC quality at your service

By using En-SC’s quality guidelines, you can help us ensure your En-SC experience is as satisfying as possible. We are excited to work with you and contribute to your global communications success!